Thursday, 24 April 2014

Coming Soon to the Cabinet...

I have gotten back into the spirit of movie watching, talking, reviewing, loving and discussing, and in the future I have a few ideas. To get to the point, here is a bullet point list of what I intend to do over the next 4 months here on the blog!

  • Interact with movie-watchers out there and get guest writers from other blogs/websites on movies.
  •  Review weird, strange, obscure and cult films. Everyone knows stuff about classic movies, that are masterpieces, but do not need much more said. So, it is good to spread the lesser-known films, such as b-movies and silent films. 

  • Make more top lists: Compile favourites from different decades, years, genres and directors. 
  •  Write a biographical post about a director or actor I love. Charlie Chaplin definitely comes to mind. 
  • Film Marathon Overviews: Instead of constant reviews, perhaps a post, with a paragraph written about each film could be the alternative?

Personal movie watching goals:
  • Watch at least 100  NEW movies
  • Review at least 40 of them
  • Gain over 2000 views at this blog
  • Have fun in the FB groups and Letterboxd!


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