Sunday, 18 May 2014

The 70's Marathon in Review!

The 70's brought many great movies and many directors making brilliant films. Not just Scorsese and Coppola, but Altman, Lumet, Fosse and Herzog too. There are still more for me to see such as Scenes from a Marriage, Dawn of the Dead and Amarcord, but it is good to still have more to look forward to.

Total 70's Films Watched: 23
Total Reviewed in Marathon: 20
Most favourite: The Deer Hunter (4.5/5)
Least Favourite: Bananas (3/5)

I also made a favourites list of the 70's.

Top 50 Films of the 1970's

With this marathon to an end, it is time to start a new one. This time, I am just reviewing at letterboxd as it is quite time consuming doing it all here. Hope you enjoyed the marathon and discovered new films (if anyone followed).

NEXT MARATHON: Allen and Anime Marathon


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