Friday, 7 November 2014

Book Project: My thoughts/feelings on film

This is a book project that I had previously attempted to write but stopped for some reason. Now I want to make a fresh start and I don't know how long it would take, but I now have more of an idea of structure. I find it hard to find motivation to finish things but I think I will write on and off. The book is basically going to be an organised collection of how I feel about the movies, how they have effected me as well as do some film related essays and reviews/analysis's of some of my favourites. Anyway, here is the introduction which I haven't proofread so excuse obvious mistakes. Let me know what you think and thanks in advance for taking the time to read. 

Celluloid Dreams- Introduction:

Film is my passion. It is my heroine and I am addicted. I am obsessed. I am a cinephile. There are many other terms and phrases that I could use to express my relation with film as it is a truly integral part of my life. Without film I am almost lost in this world, and it goes beyond being just escape. Cinema lies in my dreams, my ambitions and as a source of information, cultural enlightenment, entertainment and new experiences. The diversity of film will always amaze me. How films like Epic Movie and Casablanca can exist in the same universe as one another- there is good and there is bad. Most people in life (at least I think they do) have some sort of drive for life, or activity they are passionate about. For some this could be a dancing career, becoming an athlete, being an entrepreneur of their own computer business, being an artist or even a love for the caring of animals. My drive is cinema. It is both my hobby and career aspiration. 

What is it exactly that makes so mad about the silver screen? I ask myself this question all the time, and always come up with a new way of explaining it as I am now. The reason it is hard to express is because it is not a simple answer of “I like to laugh” or “I want to enter a new fantasy world”, because cinema, like literature is such a diverse medium of emotions and experiences. Movies can make you laugh, make you cry, haunt you, terrify you, inspire you, depress you, thrill you and enlighten you. Taking one look at the films that I love the most reminds me of this. From 2001: A Space Odyssey to The Rocky Horror Picture Show we can see the diversity of creative talent and atmosphere a film can bring.

Genres, sub-genres, cult followings, intellectual films, world cinema, trashy movies, blockbusters, exploitation cinema, stop-motion, slasher flicks, rom-coms, documentaries; it is exhausting to think of how much cinema lies out there in such a diverse range of styles. With the new technology access (Internet, streaming services) movie buffs have evolved, and while I have always wanted to live in a decade like the 20s or 80s I am grateful to live in this era. The Internet is where my film exploration began, and continues. The internet is where I was able to access old films like The Fly, Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, King Kong and anything by Charlie Chaplin- and thus sprouted my love for cinema. 

Watching the movies themselves of course made me love cinema, but it was (and is) through the Internet that I learn about the history of cinema, the impact a film had during its release and other facts on the productions of movies. It is a great time to be alive for movie buffs because of how easy it is to access the history of cinema with many silent movies entering the public domain. And there are tons of other ways to access movies online: streaming, downloads (whether legal or illegal), DVD rental services, purchases through Amazon or other online retailers. All of this has opened up doors for more than just cinema; it has opened up information for all. However, not to get off track let’s get back to the point. Movies cannot be considered unimportant or a waste of time. “If you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.” Says Kathy in Singin in the Rain, but it isn’t true at all. Cinema is fantasy and escapism, but also something that reflects culture, society and life itself. Whether this is by capturing realism such as in documentaries or exaggerating life films can tell us something about society and culture of that films time. 

Perhaps it is because I have spent so much of my life already watching movies and reading, writing about them I will find any justification to try and make my interest substantial and not a waste of time, but hopefully you can agree that film holds a certain place in this world. In this book I will attempt to organise my thoughts on movies and how they have affected me on a personal level. Using several of my most beloved movies, I will go in-depth about how I feel about them as well as give historical and biographical information. This will be a combination or reviews; analysis’s and essays of film-related (of course) topics. So, join me now as I begin to ramble about the movies and attempt to organise my feelings/thoughts into a way that is understandable. Here is to the magic of cinema.


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