Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 1) Review

Boy, am I glad I started watching this show. Already I know this is going to become one of my favourite shows. Following the life of Seinfeld co-creator Larry David, the series is in a mockumentary style with a clash of real names, but of course fictional events. This combination works so well as a new form of sitcom, which was a big game changer in 1999 and would go on to influence shows like The Office in the UK. It really does breathe life into the sitcom genre and the quality of the writing shows.

Maybe it is an HBO thing, but almost everything they do is fantastic. Curb Your Enthusiasm is downright hilarious and that is because Larry David is a champion writer and natural actor. The scenarios and situations that happen to him really make you feel sorry for Larry, even while some things that happen is due to his own stupidity. What makes this a great show is that it looks at the awkwardness of life and the idiosyncrasies of social obligations, greetings, meetings and relationships.

Larry often finds himself in difficult positions whether offending people he goes on to meet later at a party or pretending to be an incest survivor, the comedy comes from a mix of cringe and uncomfortable situations. Larry’s shtick and style of humour for some may only be enjoyable in small doses, but for others it is definitely a binge-worthy show. I fall under the latter. His sarcasm and wit in the show will sometimes get him into bad situations, but it is all so very funny to see.

One thing I really enjoyed in the season is the inclusion of real sitcom actors including Ted Danson (Cheers) and Julie Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld) as it almost generates a link to old sitcoms, as well as showing us ‘actors’ outside sitcom characters. There is the odd reference to Seinfeld in episodes, such as telling a restaurant Larry is the co-creator of the show in order to get a table faster, which is amusing to watch. The show is likely to have you hooked very early on for its new field of filming and pushing the boundaries of the television genre.


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