Thursday, 21 May 2015

Week One of the Asian Film Marathon

It has been a great week since the Asian Film Marathon started on Thursday 14th of May. With six videos and counting I have had lots of fun exploring more Asian cinema. So far, all I can say is it has been a while form I have seen so many great films in such a short period of time. Especially THE HUMAN CONDITION which my friend and I done a 1-hour discussion video on. Check it out. 

In this post, I have just wanted to say thank you so far, for all the feedback and discussion to those who have stopped by, as it has been good fun. I hope you have enjoyed the videos and enjoy the rest to come.

But what I also want to make note of is all the written reviews also appearing during the marathon at letterboxd. I made a list of the films that are being covered in the marathon, which can be seen here. Each film I watch I am either giving it a quick summary (for those covered in videos already), or a lengthier review. I felt like doing some extra writing to share my thoughts on each individual film, which I will also be doing in a combine video, aside the films that get solo videos.

Intro to the marathon if you haven't stopped by yet:

There is at least 5 more videos to come, and due to how well The Human Condition discussion went, my friend and I are going to be doing another one. On SEVEN SAMURAI. It's going to be exciting, and may even feature a skit. Link below to another video in the marathon. Enjoy everyone and thanks again!

Memories of Murder Review:


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